What is a Calefactory?

A calefactory is a room in a traditional Catholic abbey. While the rest of the abbey was unheated, the calefactory had a fireplace, and thus it was the one room where the monks could gather to warm themselves in colder climates.

We welcome you to calefactory.org where Catholics and Catechumins gather to warm themselves to the fire of traditional Catholic doctrine. Calefactory.org delivers 100% Catholic teaching as it existed prior to the bogus Vatican II council of 1962-65.

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Traditional Catholic Doctrine

Many persons who call themselves Catholic think that the “Catholic Church” now centered in Rome, in the Vatican, is the Catholic Church. Since 1958 (after the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958), the holders of offices there, have usurped the name of the Catholic Church from which they of their own free will departed. They left the faith, and therefore they left the Church that was founded by Christ on the apostles with Peter as its head.

This deception was first made manifest by the bogus Council Vatican II (1962 - 1965) which was held to bring the Catholic Church into the 20th century, and to update the church to the views of the liberal thinkers of the time. It wanted to “modernize” the church, wanted to bring it more in line with “Protestant” thinking. The Vatican II documents altered virtually every single sacrament, every rite and ritual, and did away with specific Catholic teachings that existed from the time of Christ.

In reality, Vatican II did not change the Catholic Church one bit, but rather it invented an entirely new religion which is most commonly referred to today as the “Novus Ordo,” a moniker coming from the “New Order Missal” invented at Vatican II. The fathers of that bogus Council plus their leaders (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and now Francis I) kept not only the name “Catholic Church,” but they also kept their position in the community that continues to call itself the Catholic Church. When people see a man wearing a white cassock and “ruling” millions of people from the Vatican, they automatically assume him to be the pope. People ofttimes fail to comprehend the underlying heretical doctrine coming from such leaders, heresies which can only mean that such a one is not the pope of the Catholic Church.

Being without a pope for a long period of time is nothing new in the world. At the time of the Great Schism, they prayed and waited for their pope for about 40 years. In the early Church of the 4th century, history records the terrible Arian heresy, a denial of the Divinity of Christ, which caused nearly all the bishops to leave the Church by their accepting the Arian heresy. The Catholics who refused to accept the Arian heresy were sad and lonely. To them St. Athanasius addressed some words of encouragement.

So, for those people who have the great desire for the traditional Catholic Church, desire for the sacraments, rites and rituals as they existed prior to 1958, desire for living the Catholic faith according to God's holy will, and above all else for the hope of salvation, Calefactory.org is your main source of traditional Catholic doctrine and teachings. May God grant you the grace to be Catholic and to always remain Catholic, the only faith which gives the hope of salvation.

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